JZ Styles Hair Extensions have been our favorite extensions at Phases Salon for awhile, and we’re excited to offer our clients JZ Styles Certified extension applications! Why JZ Styles? Their extensions are 100% single-donor cuticle human hair, to start. That means the hair cuticle is intact and lays in its natural direction. If you’ve worn extensions before, you know how important a seamless look is. They really need to mimic your natural, beautiful hair.

The extensions come in 29 colors and different lengths, too. At Phases Salon, our stylists are trained in 4 different application methods: tie-in hand-tied wefts, tie-in machine wefts, tape ins, and clip ins. Applying hair extensions is a craft requiring artistry and precision, so always consult a professional stylist (and preferably a JZ Certified Specialist).

As a salon committed to excellence, we pride ourselves on providing not just exceptional services, but also education and guidance to anyone who walks in our door. We’ve been doing it for almost 30 years. With our expertise and your vision, together, we can discover the full potential of your hair, ensuring you radiate confidence and elegance everywhere you go.

Throughout this journey, our aim is to empower you with knowledge and insight, enabling you to make informed decisions about your hair care and styling. Whether you’re seeking to add volume, length, or texture to your locks, understanding the differences in each extension type is key to achieving your desired look.

At Phases Salon, we celebrate beauty, authenticity, and artistry. JZ Styles aligns with our values perfectly.

Let’s take a closer look at their hair extensions we specialize in.

What’s so special about JZ Styles Hair Extensions?

JZ Styles Hair Extensions are made with 100% single-donor human hair. They’re available in dozens of colors with 4 methods of installation. JZ Styles is also a family-owned business who values beauty, authenticity, and artistry.

The 4 Methods: JZ Styles Extensions

At Phases Salon, we offer 4 methods of installing JZ Styles Hair Extensions: hand-tied wefts, machine wefts, tape ins, and clip ins. Each method has unique advantages in cost, volume and appearance, longevity, and maintenance. Which method is right for you? Well, it depends. You’ll want to meet with a JZ Certified Stylist (contact us to set up a consultation) when you’re ready to discuss your options, but this guide is a great place to start. Read below about the advantages of each method. When you’re ready, we’re here to educate and empower you to choose your best option.

Which hair extensions are right for me?

Each method of hair extension has a time and place, so it depends on a few factors. Consider the price, final look, durability, and ease of maintenance for your hair extensions. You’ll also want to consider the length, volume, and weight of the extensions.

Hand-Tied Wefts from JZ Styles

Hand-tied wefts are attached using a method known as the “beaded row” technique, where the wefts are secured to your natural hair using small beads or micro links. Because these extensions are tied to your natural hair, they have a natural appearance without any added tension on the scalp.

Hand-tied wefts are not mass-produced. Instead, they’re handcrafted. Handcrafted wefts are the thinnest and easiest to conceal. In other words, these extensions look more natural than other application methods, like machine wefts or tape ins.

Tying the wefts to your natural hair also gives these an advantage in longevity and durability, though they require more brushing and care to look their best.

So who are hand-tied hair extensions best for?

If you have thin or fine hair, hand-tied wefts from JZ Styles are easier to conceal. They sit flatter and present a more seamless look and touch. Because they’re crafted thinner, they weigh less, so there’s less stress on your natural hair roots. The wefts can also be layered (up to 8 on a single row of natural hair) to create volume and blend better.

If you have full hair, however, hand-tied wefts could still be a great option. The extensions are better disguised than other methods and allow for more styling options (ask your stylist for details). Plus, the ability to create lots of layers is an attractive benefit for those who are looking for the most natural look.

Hand-tied hair extensions are our premium option, and we offer hair extension consultations to discover the best option for you. Every client has unique goals for their hair, and our specialty is walking alongside you to bring those goals to life.

Are hand-tied extensions the best?

Not necessarily. Hand-tied wefts are an amazing hair extension option that have durability and longevity benefits. They’re thin and light for a seamless integration into your natural hair. However, other hair extension options are less time and cost intensive. These tie-in extensions require a professional application which involves attaching the wefts to your natural hair with tiny beads.

The Pros of Hand-Tied Wefts

  1. With proper hair care, these extensions can last 9-12 months.
  2. A thinner construction gives hand-tied wefts a smooth, seamless appearance in your natural hair.
  3. Because they’re thinner, hand-tied wefts are lighter weight and put less stress on your natural hair roots.
  4. Hand-tied wefts are the best hair extension option for layering, styling, and coloring because you can fit more of them in one area.
  5. Just like other sew-in or tie-in wefts, hand-tied wefts won’t slip. They’re a durable option for wearing extensions for an extended length of time.
  6. JZ Styles hand-tied wefts can be cut on the seam for adding volume or length in different areas as needed.
  7. Though hand-tied wefts are a more permanent hair extension method, they can be colored, styled, and adjusted by a professional when necessary.

The Cons of Hand-Tied Wefts

  1. Hand-tied wefts are a premium hair extension with a higher price and more time needed for installation.
  2. Hand-tied wefts require more brushing and care to look their best.

Hand-tied JZ Styles Extensions are our premium extension option, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best option for you. Consult a JZ Certified Stylist and discuss your goals and concerns. When you’re ready, contact us for a consultation.

Machine Wefts

Machine wefts are also a type of sew-in or tie-in hair extension, but they’re made with large sewing machines rather than by hand. The mass-produced construction means machine wefts are thicker than hand-tied wefts and a bit less expensive. Machine wefts are still sew-in or tie-in hair extensions, so they’re sturdy and won’t slip off. Also, sew-in or tie-in hair extensions remove the concern for hair growing beneath the extension, something that can happen with tape ins.

Because machine wefts are thicker than hand-tied wefts, they work very well for ladies with thicker, fuller hair who don’t need as many layers of extensions installed. We don’t recommend machine wefts for finer or thinner hair, as the weight of the thicker extensions may irritate and damage hair while being harder to conceal.

The Pros of Machine Wefts

  1. With proper hair care, these extensions can last 9-12 months.
  2. Machine wefts are more affordable than hand-tied wefts.
  3. The tracks that connect to your hair are thicker and more durable than hand-tied wefts, so machine wefts generally shed less hair.
  4. Fewer wefts are needed to thicken or add volume to the hair.
  5. JZ Styles machine wefts can be cut on the seam for adding volume or length in different areas as needed.
  6. Machine wefts can be adjusted by a professional when necessary.

The Cons of Machine Wefts

  1. Machine wefts are thicker and a bit heavier, so they can pull on thin or fine hair roots.
  2. While machine wefts are great for adding volume and length, they’re not best for adding many layers.
  3. Because machine wefts don’t allow as many layers as hand-tied wefts, they’re not as flexible when it comes to styling and color as hand-tied extensions.

Machine wefts from JZ Styles are a luxury hair extension option for our clients. They add volume and length to thicker, fuller hair, but can’t have as many layers as hand-tied wefts. We have JZ Certified Stylists who offer consultations to discuss your hair extension goals. Contact us to learn more!

Tape Ins from JZ Styles

If convenience and hairstyle versatility are your priority, tape ins may be the best JZ Styles extension option for you. Tape in applications are gentle and generally work well for different hair types. Quality extensions (like those from JZ Styles) lay flat for a seamless, natural look.

These extensions are great for special occasions and quick transformations, when you might not want such a time commitment as hand-tied and machine weft extensions require.

Tape ins are sandwiched together or installed individually to quickly add volume and length to the hair. They’re lightweight and the wefts lay flat against the scalp (when properly applied), so tape ins blend seamlessly. They can also be washed, styled, and treated like your natural hair. With proper care, these convenient extensions can be reused, too.

While tape in extensions are convenient and versatile, they do need to be moved every 6-8 weeks, as your natural hair grows. You’ll want to visit your JZ Styles specialist for that. The adhesive also loses effect over time (though quality extensions from JZ Styles hold up very well), especially if your scalp tends to be oily. While tape ins aren’t as seamless as hand-tied extensions, we find them to work well with a variety of hair types. Always meet with a professional to discuss which extensions will work best for you, and don’t be surprised if you’re a good candidate for multiple application methods.

The Pros of Tape Ins

  1. Tape in hair extensions are more affordable than sew-in or tie-in applications.
  2. They have a quicker application process than other methods (though a professional should still be consulted to avoid unnatural appearance and hair damage).
  3. With proper application, tape ins lay flat against the scalp for a natural, seamless look.
  4. JZ Styles tape ins can be washed, styled, and treated like your natural hair.
  5. Tape ins are comfortable and lightweight.
  6. JZ Styles offers Unseen Tape Ins, designed specifically to style hair up.
  7. With proper care, tape in hair extensions can be reused.

The Cons of Tape Ins

  1. Tape ins must be repositioned every 6-8 weeks as your natural hair grows.
  2. While tape ins can be washed and styled like natural hair, they rely on adhesive to remain in place, which can weaken over time.
  3. JZ Styles tape in wefts contain latex, so clients with latex sensitivities or allergies will need to choose another application method.

Tape in hair extensions from JZ Styles are a excellent for clients who want a quicker application at a more affordable price. These versatile extensions add volume and length to thicker, fuller hair, but require regular adjustments as your natural hair grows. Do you have any questions about hair extensions? We’re here to help!

Clip In Hair Extensions

The final application method we offer at Phases Salon are clip in hair extensions. JZ Styles produces sturdy, metal clip ins with flexible silicone for durability and comfort. In other words, these aren’t the clip in hair extensions we wore to middle school dances.

While a professional stylist will best guide the placement and application of clip ins, they can be applied and removed on your own, too. This is the biggest benefit of clip ins: ease of application to add volume and length in minutes. During your consultation for clip in hair extensions, we’ll show you the methods for applying your extensions for the most natural, seamless look.

Clip in hair extensions are fun to keep around for events or specific hairstyles. They can’t be worn overnight, but the ease of use make them a popular option for our clients.

The Pros of Clip Ins

  1. With some professional guidance, you can apply and remove clip in extensions on your own.
  2. Quality clip ins can be used for years to come.
  3. Perfectly versatile, clip ins can be used for on-the-go styling for events and special occasions.
  4. For clients who enjoy DIY and self-styling, clip ins are a great addition to your routine.

The Cons of Tape Ins

  1. Clip in extensions should be removed each night.
  2. Clip ins are not as easily hidden as other application methods. A seamless look requires a careful eye and some application practice.

If you’re interested in clip in hair extensions from JZ Styles and want professional guidance, we’re here to help. Contact us for a consultation!

You Can Trust Us

At Phases Salon, our stylists are extension experts. Your stylist will be Extension Certified by JZ Styles, so your extension installation will be comfortable and seamless. Education with JZ Styles is on-going, too. Our stylists stay up to date on training, best practices, and new techniques.

The education our team has received through JZ Styles is not available online or at just any salon. Their expert techniques and methods require hours of hands-on training. We’re dedicated to our craft so that you get the best from us.

What to Expect

At your consultation appointment, you’ll meet with one of our Extension Certified stylists to discuss your needs and goals. We’ll talk about your hair, your experience with extensions, and what your goals are. Then your stylist will discuss the pros and cons of each type of extension for you, or they’ll make a recommendation.

Our consultations are conversations, so we’ll be doing a lot of listening. Our recommendations are based on our experience and education, and your happiness is our priority.

Expect your consultation to last about an hour. Extension installations require a separate appointment, but you’ll be able to book it with your preferred stylist the same day as your consultation.

Contact us when you’re ready for your consultation!

More questions? Leave a comment below!